Saudi Arabia to Use the World’s Biggest Solar Battery for Her Massive Tourism Resort

Saudi Arabia has made a massive leap into the world of renewable energy. Plans are in progress to construct what’s widely regarded as the largest battery facility in the world. The purpose of this plant is the storage of solar and wind energy to provide electricity for a massive luxury tourist resort.

Companies in Partnership with Saudi’s Resort Project

Keying into this project is the Red Sea Development Company. 1 Gigawatt of battery storage will be utilized to power the Red Sea Project. This will actualize the goal of making it the largest tourist attraction in the world to be entirely powered by solar battery options all day long. This complex is designed to contain 50 hotels and an airport of its own.

Saudi Arabia’s power plant (ACWA) was awarded the contract to be the project’s utility service provider. They intend first to construct 210 Megawatts of solar and wind energy to supply electricity for the initial phase of the Red Sea Project starting this year. The airport and 12 hotels will be constructed and fully operational in this phase.

John Pagano, the CEO of Red Sea Development Company, said that the construction of the biggest battery storage plant in the world would ensure that this project will be fully powered by green energy all day long and all year long. He also said that such a feat has never been accomplished on such a large-scale project before.

The overall budget for this tourism project has been earmarked at $10 billion. The Red Sea Project also keys into plans to establish the biggest green hydrogen facility in the world. This is also overseen by ACWA power, and it speaks volumes of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to clean energy.

Rivals for the World’s Largest Battery

The playing field is beginning to see new entries, all trying to make their storage projects the largest in the world. Notable projects such as Tesla’s big battery project in Hornsdale, Australia; a 150 MW/194MWh wind farm previously held the title for the largest energy storage project. However, it has now been stunted by the capacities of new energy projects across the world.

Like ACWA, Gateway’s 250MW/250MWh project in California (the world’s largest energy storage project in early 2020) has revealed plans to expand its project capacity to 1 Gigawatt hour. However, there’s speculation that the Red Sea Project won’t be the world’s biggest energy storage project for long. Sun Cable’s Australia-ASEAN Power Link plans to establish a solar battery project of 10 GW/30GWh capacity. This project will be worth $16 billion. According to reports, this project will attain its peak capacity in 2027.


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