Clean Energy Trends: Trending Topics in Twitter

In today’s world, Twitter has become the go-to place for discussions about renewable energy. People are concerned about how energy should be environmentally friendly. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular clean energy keywords below.


Solar is the most discussed topic on Twitter with 1963 mentions. People considered solar energy as a solution because of its inexpensive production cost and environmentally friendly sustainability. Significantly, solar panels have little to no maintenance costs. Typically, solar panels will have no maintenance for at least a year. Converting your power source to solar energy can help you save money on your electricity bill and maintain the planet’s sustainability.


Wind energy is the next most popular renewable energy subject on Twitter with 744 mentions. Wind energy, unlike coal, does not pollute the air. It also has zero waste and produces no particulate matter. Wind turbines can be constructed on agricultural farmlands in remote regions. Farmers and ranchers can keep working since wind turbines only take up a small portion of the available space.


Gas is the most recently popular keyword on Twitter with 1332 mentions. Unlike solar and wind energy, gas is a non-renewable energy source. Despite the fact that it is a non-renewable and non-sustainable energy source, it can however contribute to our world’s long-term viability. Natural gas can be deployed as a “cleaner” substitute to petroleum until alternative sources take over the world’s energy balance. As a commitment to environmental preservation, more companies are attempting to produce low-carbon gas.

By engaging Twitter as a place for discussion, more people are easily be informed about the benefits of clean energy.


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