Renewable Resource Atlas of Saudi Arabia

renewable-resource-atlas-saKing Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE) has launched a Renewable Resource Atlas of Saudi Arabia in support of achievement of a sustainable energy mix. The Atlas provides newly collected and historical solar and wind resource monitoring data, plus satellite-based modeled data, for use by developers, researchers, government institutions, and policy-makers. The Atlas is currently free of charge, and will continue to grow as a foundational program of K.A.CARE.

The Atlas site features a web portal with information about the Atlas and a mapping interface that allows the displaying and downloading of certain datasets. The functions of the Atlas mapping interface include:

  • Basic mapping of data, overlaying resource and administrative data layers
  • Graphing tools to assess trends, averages, and peaks among various datasets
  • The ability to export data to conduct your own separate analyses

Visit the Renewable Resource Atlas of Saudi Arabia
View the Atlas User Video on YouTube
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SolarGIS Data


SolarGIS is a geographical information system designed to identify areas that receive strong concentrations of solar irradiation. This data can help you identify the best areas for solar power sites, examine and prioritize promising sites, estimate long-term power availability, and assist your organization in securing financing by maximizing the potential for your project’s long-term performance.

Recent validation studies for Saudi Arabia and India have confirmed the high accuracy of SolarGIS data. The SolarGIS validation study for Saudi Arabia can be downloaded from the link below. Ground measurements from 12 stations that were installed as part of a project jointly run by KACST and NREL. Excellent accuracy of SolarGIS data in arid climatic conditions was already established through validation statistics from other arid regions such as the Sahara and Kalahari Deserts.

Read more: pdf_icon SolarGIS_validation_SaudiArabia_2013-02.pdf

Free Global Horizontal Irradiation (GHI) map

Free Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) map

The above maps show long-term annual average of global horizontal irradiation and direct normal irradiation from the SolarGIS database. Validation of SolarGIS data with ground measurements from 12 stations in Saudi Arabia confirms the excellent accuracy of SolarGIS data in the region.

Free demo access to SolarGIS pvPlanner for Riyadh

pvPlanner is a photovoltaic electricity simulation tool. It is the ideal tool for site prospection and technology selection for PV projects.

Click here to access the demo.