darsolar-logoSASIA’s consulting partner DarSolar provides high-quality language services at cost-effective rates, including translation, interpretation, localization, desktop publishing, editing and proofreading in more than 40 languages, including Arabic and all major Oriental and European languages.

From persuasive marketing and advertising campaigns that retain the same influence and sway over your target audience as the do in the original language, to legal documents, to complex technical and industrial documentation, DarSolar takes pride in providing superior service while maintaining the rapid turnaround necessary to keep pace with the advancing global business environment. Their expertise includes the capacity to precisely translate even the most complex technical and industrial documents, including terms and conditions, customer inquiry forms, auto-responder email campaigns, manuals, books, contracts, proposals, system descriptions and specifications.

A professional translator performs the initial conversion of your text into the target language, then a separate reviewer double-checks the translation to make sure that everything is in place. Next a linguist proofs the result to ensure that the text is free of typos and grammatical errors, is consistent in style and formatting, and utilizes accurate and appropriate terminology. Once the text is finalized, a formatter uses the original language files to flow in the foreign language text. The formatted document is then galley reviewed by the project’s proofreader. Throughout the entire process, a glossary of terms specific to your company, organization, or industry is used to guarantee that the terminology utilized in the translated project is consistent with the terminology already employed by your foreign subsidiaries.

For more information or to request translation services, send an inquiry via the DarSolar online contact form or call +966 54 551 7977.